Registered Merchandisers
Edit your profile and track work schedules temporary and permanent merchandisers provide vital in-store services at a wide variety of retail locations across the country. You’ll work on project teams with other merchandisers to ensure that displays are properly merchandised and maintained according to retailer specifications, with the ultimate goal of helping drive sales for our retailer clients. These projects take place during the day and in the evening, providing you with many work schedule options. Your responsibilities may include:

New store sets Display/shelf assembly and installation
Store and department resets Display/shelf stocking
General display/shelf maintenance Placement of display/shelf signage

Our mission at is to ensure that your work experience is what you want, when you want it. That’s why we offer exciting benefits including competitive compensation, flexible work schedules, referral programs, and bi-weekly pay on either ATM debit cards or via check.

Flexible Work Schedules
After you register with us, you’ll have access to our online work schedule system and will be able to request job assignments that fit your needs. The schedule system includes job listings in your area and information on your accrued hours with We will also send you emails from time to time with details on new jobs in your area and will give you the opportunity to sign up for those jobs.

Competitive Pay pays competitive hourly rates commensurate with your experience. We also pay you bi-weekly, meaning that you’ll have cash in your hands quickly.

ATM Debit Cards or Checks offers two payroll choices to all merchandisers: standard bi-weekly checks or bi-weekly ATM Debit Card payments. If you choose the standard check option, you’ll receive your pay bi-weekly in the mail by check. If you choose the ATM Debit Card option, you’ll receive your card after you have completed our registration process. Then, every other week, will electronically place your pay on the debit card and you’ll have instant access to the cash. No more cashing checks at the bank. It’s that easy! Our ATM debit cards can be used anywhere MasterCard credit cards and ATM cards are accepted – bank ATM machines, restaurants, supermarkets, department stores and more.

Referral Programs will periodically run special incentive programs for registered merchandisers who refer new merchandiser candidates to us. rewards loyal merchandisers for their hard work. What this means is that, from time to time, will offer you special rewards and discount programs only available to our merchandisers. In other words, work more and you’ll earn more!
Your career development is important to us. offers you the opportunity to gain valuable merchandising experience by placing you in a wide variety of different retail environments. Through our web site, we also provide ongoing merchandising skills training, including merchandising basics and product knowledge training. Finally, all our temporary merchandisers have the potential to obtain full-time positions with Quest Service Group, the parent company of To learn more about Quest Service Group, visit
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